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Urban Community Network

Urban Community Network is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build safe, healthy, sustainable communities where youth and their families can thrive.  Urban Community Network (UCN) was founded on the African Proverb belief that  “It takes a village to raise a child”.  UCN believes that strengthening indigenous support systems in the neighborhoods where youth reside is the key to empowering communities to take back responsibility for the supervision, support, accountability, and long-term development of our youth and communities.

UCN envisions a world where incarceration is no longer a primary response when dealing with at-risk children. The over-reliance on the juvenile justice system is harmful, ineffective, and costly to our communities.

UCN provides support to families of youth involved in Harris County Resources for Children and Adults and juvenile justice systems by helping them navigate these systems and connecting the family and youth to wrap-around services to build and sustain the family as a whole.  In order to ensure that our youth and families get the long-term services they need, UCN works to build organizational capacity within communities.

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