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Launch Point CDC

Launch Pont CDC, INC is a community development, resource and information center since 1993. Equipping youth, adults and families with life building training, skills, jobs, and entrepreneurship. We focus on impactful economic development and revitalization for Houston’s underserved communities, energizing sustainability for struggling communities to meet the needs of the future.


To bridge the gaps in community-based services for those who are marginalized, overlooked and under-served in Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

As advocates of the communities we serve, we seek to promote autonomy, self-sufficiency, social and personal responsibility and good citizenship among all individuals.

In doing so, we demonstrate uncompromising principles to:

  • Restore respect and dignity to those we serve,

  • Inspire, motivate, enhance and transform the lives of those we serve; and

  • Improve the economic well-being and quality of life of our communities' citizens.


Building Human Self-Sufficiency is the primary goal of the Launch Point programs. Joblessness, inability, illiteracy, disability, Impoverishment, family dysfunction, juvenile delinquency, incarceration are among the many barriers that render the larger population powerless to build themselves into healthy vibrant families, successful careers and small businesses.

We help youth and adults at risk to becoming burdens on society become productive citizens to society.

We help promising non-profits and small businesses struggling from the lack of information, training and funding become more productive and efficient by utilizing available resources and strategies for success.

Launch Point challenges its underserved participants & communities to accept and demonstrate self-responsibility, self-determination & self-reliance by engaging in Educational Entrepreneurial and Social Services Development Resources.

Through these initiatives, Launch Point has assisted over 800 heads of households with training, job placement and resources enabling the families to get off TANF and welfare, over 2,500 youth with career and leadership development activities within the last 5 years.

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